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Eligibility for IFSP Membership

IFSP is a federation of associations each of which supports the aims of the Federation; its members are associations and groups which themselves actively represent the publishing interests of not-for-profit organisations. Any such organisation representing (solely or primarily) not-for-profit publishers is eligible for membership. Individual publishing companies, and individuals working in publishing, are not eligible for membership.

Any association or group which primarily represents not-for-profit publishers, whether on a national or an international basis, is eligible for membership provided that its representation of the sector can be demonstrated to be active (e.g. through conferences, projects or communications).

A ‘group’ means an informal organisation of not less than five publishers, which has a clear definition of eligibility for membership, which meets regularly at least once a year, and which is able to identify a named individual to represent it within IFSP.

By ‘not-for-profit’ IFSP means that the publishers represented operate on behalf of a non-commercial parent organisation (for example a learned society, university, institute, charity, or inter-governmental organisation) and, if any financial surplus is made beyond the needs of the publishing business, this is returned in its entirety for the beneficial purposes of that parent organisation. A trading company which is wholly owned by a non-commercial parent organisation is considered to be a not-for-profit publisher; a company with external owners/shareholders is not.

Associations or groups which wish to apply for membership of IFSP must positively affirm that they support the Federation’s aims, and must be able to show evidence that they actively represent not-for-profit publishers.

To apply for membership, please contact the current Federation president.